Dahvie vanity and jef star dating

He performs alongside singer Dahvie Vanity in Blood On The Dance Floor. She was a huge BOTDF fan and tonight was the night she was going to meet the band. She got dressed into her skinny jeans, BOTDF Ima Monster shirt, black boots. She ran downstairs kissed her moms cheek and went to her friend Maddy's house.

- Creepy Girl54 has joined Special: Chat My eye is twitching again [YOUTUBE] Title: BEST Haka EVER on HD - All Blacks Haka - Rugby World Cup Final 2011 Vs. - Doctor Gordon Freeman has joined Special: Chat -!

He also screams things such as "I'm going to jizz on your face!

a 27 year old man with the writing ability of a 12 year old boy and the singing skills of t-pain.

you don’t need a written example, just look dahvie vanity’s ugly -ss up.

one half of the terrible electropop duo “blood on the dance floor.” known as being a creepy pervert, child molester, and all around jerk.

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