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The Mu-tron III could be used for any number of electric instruments.

The MU-TRON adds an autowah effect which Jer utilized in such songs as Estimated Prophet and the disco versions of Dancing In The Streets. It was one of two he had that he used both on stage and in the studio.

and Aaron Newman, an engineer who worked at Guild Guitar Company.

Beigel had been working on a synthesizer project for Guild, but the project was dropped after Guild's president, Al Dronge, was killed in an accident.

The original Mu-Tron products have since become collectors items.

If you want the original sound and circuitry of the Mu-Tron III, please buy either a used vintage original Mu-Tron III (and NOT the so-called "Mu-Tron III plus" which is not a vintage original Mu-Tron III )., where history, quality and innovation collide.

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