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) as well as the more puzzling aspects of modern romance (Do I really need to tell my new girlf Taking up where Emily Post and Miss Manners left off, Diane Mapes counsels the dating-distressed on today s new rules of courtship. From how to avoid dating a serial killer to what to do at a snuggle party, How to Date provides single men and women, gay and straight, with a step-by-step road map for navigating today s romantic quicksand with humor, grace, and aplomb.By agreeing to accept romantic ambiguity, aren't we women just settling for an endless series of meaningless booty calls, unnecessary miscommunications and failed maybe-almost-relationships? What's more, the gaggle forces you to stay open-minded about guys and helps you pinpoint the one who might ultimately be right for you, even if you haven't met him yet. When have you surprised yourself by being drawn to someone who you might not have expected? Here's a list of the guys who may currently be in your gaggle: *The Ex-Boyfriend Who's Still Around *The Ego Booster *The Boyfriend Prospect *The Hot Sex Prospect *The Prospect You're Not Sure Is A Prospect *The Accessory *The Career Booster *The Super Horny Guy Who Happens To Be Around A Lot *The Unavailable Guy *The Guy Who Just Blew You Off What do you think? Stay tuned next week (or go here) to learn more about each of them and figure out which ones are in your gaggle! So rather than thinking about how many guys there are in the world who just aren't that into you (and feeling judged and hurt in the process), you can now commit to living your awesome life while recognizing that, yes, there are actually men in it! At this very moment, the fall of traditional dating - and the rise of gray area friendships, Facebook flirtations and equality-based workplace trysts - seems to have left a structural void in our love lives. The gaggle is a way for are at the center of your gaggle.

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