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They can post video assignments and incorporate videos into tests, announcements, blogs, discussions, and feedback.

WEBCAM RECORDING WITH THE KALTURA CAPTURESPACE DESKTOP RECORDER You can record audio and video from your computer's webcam using the Kaltura Capture Space Desktop Recorder.

You can make a video recording in a number of ways on either a PC or a Mac.

In this article, you'll find methods for recording from a webcam on a PC using Debut Video Capture software or Windows Movie Maker.

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1080P requires approximately 8 Mbps - most cable modems should handle this.

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This will only work if you have a player installed that works with RTSP video streams (e.g., VLC Media Player) and your browser is configured to use it.

The webcam is a Bison Cam NB Pro integrated into the laptop. I am saving the recording to a file on a ramdisk, so I don't think the hard drive is the problem. My impression from the symptoms that you describe is that the audio is recorded at a certain sampling rate, but reported as a lower sampling rate, or not at all.

It is a 2 Megapixel camera that can record at 15 fps. I am using Bison Cap to record, the software that came with the computer. Try to modify your sampling rate, either in your recordings settings, or in the Windows system. Also, just in general (sorry if it's obvious) are you sure your drivers for the webcam are up to date?

I tried this even with , and the output is shorter (about 2.5~3 times faster) than what I recorded.

Some solutions involving deleting pulse-audio configs and restarting it seemed to temporarily fix the issue, only to have it back on restart. Edit: with cheese, if I record a video, the audio is fine!

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