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This is great program to use when learning new songs since you can slow the song down to, say, 50% so you can hear and then learn those extremely challenging musical passages. to be especially useful when trying to figure out fast-moving modal or scalar lines in addition to unfamiliar songs that I’m trying to learn.One cool feature is that you can label certain sections of the MP3 (shown as a waveform on the screen).

These apps basically serve as instructional DVDs – minus the DVDs and the DVD player.

You wouldn’t have the nice interface of the menus to easily skip between videos, so I can certainly see why using an app as a means of delivering video content for a wide variety of purposes.

Venez vivre une escapade nature dans un environnement naturel exceptionnel au cœur Des Landes.

The client is a necessary part of the process and we give you our undivided attention.

Being a small firm we are able to work directly with our clients to assure their desires and needs are met with each project.

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