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The convictions can be expunged 4 years from the conviction date or completion of any sentence, whichever is later.

or single-malt Scotch -- the PR has the largest collection in the state -- which should be basically everyone. Dawson St The food here might lead a carnivore to consider vegetarianism, but then they’ll realize what a pain it is to cook that way every night, and just vow to eat here as often as possible instead.

Because census tracts are based on population, they vary in size depending on the density of settlement.

In urban areas, they are small, and in rural areas they can cover an entire small town or even a few small towns in very rural areas.

Much to the relief of our clients, we have removed felony convictions and restored the gun rights of persons throughout North Carolina.

The ability to expunge a felony first came along in 2011, when Chapter 15A-145.4 was enacted.

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