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INTRODUCTION Being one of the most commonly used theories, there are many scholars and theorists who contributed towards the idea of symbolic interactionism.To name a few, George Herbert Mead and Charles Hortan Cooley originated this theory as key people later inspired by them Herbert Blumer coined the term and put the theory forward to the world.Dating practices are influenced age, social class, education, gender, race, and sexuality.Dating violence is prevalent in many relationships, and date rape is the most common form of sexual assault.Structural functionalists view dating as the socially accepted forerunner to marriage, and therefore believe it has a stabilizing effect on society.

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These issues will be examined in a review of present literature referencing Internet dating.Internet dating itself can be characterized by a "seamless movement between reading descriptions, writing responses, and exchanging messages.Compared to the effort, awkwardness, risks, and physical embarrassments often associated with 'real world' dating, the Internet can provide some advantages" (Hardey, 2002, p572).The technology of using a computer to bring humans together was promoted as "scientific" and the use of the computer for this purpose rapidly gained popularity in the United States and Germany (Hardey, 2002, p571).The rapid expansion of single person households, especially among professional classes who are most likely to have Internet access in their homes, provides a context for this phenomenon.

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