Updating multiple rows on gridview

Know the inner dimension of personal growth and well-being. NET Grid View control is one of the most popular control when it comes to displaying and editing tabular data.

A yogic approach to success, happiness, and inner transformation. However, when it comes to inserting data the Grid View has very little to offer.

To sum up - if you'd need to update one property in entities, you'll need to do SELECT (your query), modify entities (foreach) and then do UPDATE (Save Changes).

Yes, I can understand that :) It's not specific to EF, but to ORM in general - you don't work with rows and tables, you work with objects (entities) and their properties.

Displaying Data in the Grid View Control: The first task is to display the data in the Grid View control.The web form consists of a Grid View control and two buttons.The interesting part is that the Grid View is showing five rows that are empty.In this article we are going to learn how to update data using the Open XML method of SQL Server 2005 and by using Data Adapter in ASP. We'll see this step by step; first we will use the Open XML method to update data in SQL Server by using ASP. For this we need to create a stored procedure which will accept XML data and by using Open XML method we will update data into the database.To perform the following task we need to create a table in SQL Server as like this.

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