Who is misha collins dating

"It's really amazing and I pinch myself all the time because it's very cool." Although it's hard to remember a time when Collins wasn't standing beside Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) as the third leg in a tripod of perfection, the actor stressed that his full-time presence on the show was anything but instantaneous.

NEWS: Misha Collins Teases 'Emotional Whiplash' in 'SPN' Season 10 Finale!

“So many people would flip but if the couple at some point announced they were engaged I’d be happy,” tweeted one fan. On Monday, Misha Collins’s rep said “no comment” when asked whether the 42-year-old actor was tying the knot.

I know that Misha is married to a woman, but his wife wrote a threesome's book and sleeps with other women. The best answer would be: "Well he's certainly NOT straight." I'd say this based on his general behavior with other men. Misha has been married to his wife for over 10 years and they have a beautiful son together.

He first appeared in the fourth season and has starred on the series ever since.

The CW hit is currently in the midst of Season 12 and was just renewed for a thirteenth season. Prior to the NBC series, Kripke created “Supernatural,” which he departed after the fifth season.

The couple was seen closely eyeing some pricey bling in a couple of major jewelry stores — especially major diamond baubles that could only be described as the kind usually slipped on a woman’s left-hand ring finger. (read more)According to some insiders, they'll soon be engaged. Rumor Explodes on Twitter Naturally, the Sun-Times’ article sent Facebook and Twitter into a frenzy.

The newspaper also added that people who claim to be close to the couple are “convinced” an engagement is inevitable. Fans were simultaneously mourning and celebrating the news. Many other fans were crushed because they hoped to marry him...

Collins: Well, I've been told that I'm coming back, so the odds are good.Collins is set to guest star on an upcoming episode of the NBC action-adventure drama, which will air on Feb. “Misha brings his charisma, his talent — and frankly, all of his angelic qualities to the role.” On “Supernatural,” Collins plays the angel Castiel. 1,” when Flynn (Goran Višnjić) travels to 1931 Chicago to partner with history’s most infamous gangster, Al Capone (Cameron Gharaee), the central characters (played by Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter and Malcolm Barrett) follow him and ally with the only man who can bring Capone down, Eliot Ness (Collins), the leader of the famous Untouchables.Misha also said something about being married not meaning you're straight. He does an awful lot of flirting and seems to be most at ease with guys. As you point out, they both partake in poly-amorous relationships with men and women - and his wife even wrote a book about it.So, I'd classify both of them as bisexual or perhaps pansexual.

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