Women who want free sex with no credit cards

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"They are a beautiful example of what can be done even when someone has a hidden bank account," Bentley says."They have good intentions, but it goes really bad." For example, Bentley says he is friends with a couple in which the husband secretly racked up debt amounting to double the annual household income, on credit cards and loans from friends, to try to finance his business.The husband finally broke down and confessed to his wife, who was shocked.About 13 million Americans could be maintaining secret bank accounts or credit cards without their partners' knowledge, according to an analysis of a recent poll conducted for Credit adults yields nearly 13 million Americans who are withholding financial information from their loved ones -- and that counts only those who confess their secret accounts to a random pollster over the phone.One in 20 respondents who are living with a spouse or partner admitted they have or have had a checking or savings account or credit card their significant other didn't know about. Financial counselors and relationship experts aren't shocked by the numbers. The hidden cards and bank accounts, they say, typically don't spring from sinister motives, like wanting to buy drinks at the strip club without spousal oversight.

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